General Information

Taiwan situated in the heart of Asia Pacific. Many airlines fly to Taiwan making it become the perfect travel destination. Taiwan is a quality convention destination, high-quality human resources, and successful development of the capital and technology-intensive industrial sectors. With natural sceneries, convenient transportation, and delicious cuisine, Taiwan will guarantee an enjoyable journey.

Entry Policy (quarantine policy)

According to current quarantine policy in Taiwan, all inbound travelers need to follow the 3+4 policy. That is, the day of arrival counts as Day 0; a three-day quarantine and four-day self-initiated epidemic prevention are required. It means you need to stay in the quarantine hotel for the first 4 days (day 0+3). After the first 4 days, you are able to attend the meeting by presenting negative result on a rapid test every two days.

For example, you arrive Taiwan on November 3 (Day 0), plus 3-day home quarantine during November 4-6, you’re able to attend meeting in November 7-10 (Day 4-7) by tested negative. After November 11, you are free to go anywhere.

(Click here for quarantine hotel lists. Click here for more detailed entry regulations)



Mandarin is the official language. English is spoken quite extensively.



Taiwan enjoys warm weather all year round and is extremely suitable for traveling. The average temperature in November is 23°C. For more weather information, please visit the Central Weather Bureau.


Time Zone

Taiwan is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)



The currency of Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$). Foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks, airports, and hotels. Payment by major credit card is accepted almost everywhere around Taiwan.



  • Taiwan uses an electric current of 110 volts at 60 cycles. Many buildings also have 220-volt sockets.
  • Visitors with appliances of different voltages are urged to bring adapters with them.



Exchange Rates

The New Taiwan Dollar (NT$) is the currency used today in Taiwan. The exchange rate is around US$1 to NT$30. Like most countries, they come in the forms of bills and coins. Foreign currency exchanges are easy to access. The exchange service is available at the airport. banks, hotels, and large department stores. For up to date exchange rates, travelers please visit the currency website.


Tipping & Tax

Sales tax is included in the listed price in Taiwan

Tipping is not customary in Taiwan, but some hotels and restaurants automatically add a 10% service fee to the bill.


Telephone & Wi-Fi

Free public Wi-Fi service is available across Taipei city both indoors and outdoors. The SSID of Wi-Fi access is TPE-Free. Visitors who wish to use the service can set up an account with a valid passport or entry permit at Twelve Tourist Information Center at Taipei included Taipei Main Station and Songshan Airport. To check the free public Wi-Fi service in Taipei, please click here.

In addition to the free Wi-Fi access, a payable Wi-Fi card is also available in most 7-11 convenience stores across Taiwan. Prepaid access cards can be purchased over the counter at the stores, and the costs vary.


Getting Around

  • Taiwan High-speed Railway
    The THSR goes through 10 main cities along the western part of Taiwan at the moment.
    Taiwan High-speed Railway (Book now)
  • Railway
    Trains on the round-the-island rail network provide extremely convenient services. Tickets may be purchased three days in advance.